You did it, not yet! 🎉

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365 days ago, I wrote this letter to myself. Thankfully, I get to write another one. BLISS!

Dear self,

It’s another day to reminisce and reflect on moments you’d wished lasted forever, those you wished never came, and less frequently, the ones you wished would consume you.

Your ride with life has been an interesting one, from the affluent streets of love and abundance to the less pleasant suburbs of lack, grief and pain, it’s sure taken you around. Appreciate it!

You’d craved growing up, life asked for patience, you seemed to not have much to give, a lot you couldn’t wait to do. It reluctantly gave in to your cravings, however it seems you’re overwhelmed. All is no longer what it seemed. Do you want out? Uh, forgot to mention, you’re now on a one-way street.

Life is not fair. Trust me, you’d still choose it over death, its distant kin.

Thus said, above all, I wish you get to appreciate every moment it is y’all share. A lot of people wanted it this long with life, some, even a lil shorter. But its time was precious, it couldn’t be bought, it chose how much of it everyone had, at will and arbitrarily too.


You thought you were? Nah, you were merely existing. Remember the bucket list? Uh, sad stuff, the bucket was made of plastic, it’s almost brittle now. Obviously, you’d thought you had time. Poor boy, Wake up!

A life, well lived, is long enough. — Seneca

Create those memories, chase and live those dreams, show that love, value those relationships, give that care ….. Just do it, the Nike way!


Kudos for the rewarding times you’ve had, you earned them, you should be proud. Need I remind you to keep trusting the process ? I wouldn’t mind. Continue to give your all to whatsoever endeavor it is you engage in. Remember consistency, keep it close, it will stand you out. How about time? Trust it, it’ll get you wherever it is you need to be.

Happy Birthday!!!


-A year younger you.


Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It’s the transition that’s troublesome.— Isaac Asimov

Dear Rose Nkeiruka Onyenanu(Nee Ejeh, 1956 – 2019), the woman I called Mom, I hope you get to read, today is the first of its kind, void of you. I miss you deeply. Loosing you was one of those moments I wished would consume me. Keep resting, see you when I see you.