Letter to a year old me 🎉

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Dear self,

A long rough ride it’s been so far !

Inevitably, it’s that time of the year again. That time when you get to reflect and stare truth in the eye. That time that brings you one year closer to the end, a time of counting wins and losses and hoping everything finally makes sense at the end. You should be happy about a couple of wrong choices that you've made so far and thankful about the few right ones.

You have many unmet goals, with a couple expectations that seem unrealistic. I guess you were told that was what growing up was all about, weren't you? -well, you can only hope it is really so. You have a few regrets about things you should do that you haven't done yet. But as they'd always tell you, there is still time.

You might not be where you want/ought to be yet, but I think you're making progress. Seems little yeah? Trust me you're doing just fine, only trust the process. Do not get carried away by frivolities. Yeah, I know it’s hard not to, especially when they seem very cool. But you can’t afford to loose focus. It’s all you’ve got.

Never fail to give your all to whatever it is that you find yourself in — remember being average has never helped anyone. In other words, find a cause you’re willing to “die" for.

Money is good and worth having, but never let it be the primary pivot behind your actions/decisions. Pursue essence first, give and take value, bearing in mind that — with money there’s no contentment. So why go too hard on yourself when you can never get it all and would always want more?

Never you take for granted, whosoever gives a shit about you. Cos not a lot of people have got extra shits to give lately. Your family and friends are likely to be the ones that have got these extras.

Remember to cherish every moment, appreciate every kindness, value every relationship, regard every acquaintance, embrace every opportunity, reciprocate equal energy and lastly, reference the almighty - he seems to have his stuff together more than you do.

Finally, I hope you learn that you’re running out, and not time.

Belated Happy Birthday!!! Regards, -A year younger you.